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The Voices for Children Circle

Each year, CASA conducts an annual appeal, requesting specific donations to sponsor a child for a specific period of time during the year.


Currently, it costs CASA $1,500 to provide services for one child for approximately 18 months. That includes the cost of training volunteers, staff, reporting and all administrative expenses. For as little as $35, you can assure that a foster child receives a CASA Volunteer for part of the year. Rest assured, at CASA 91% of all donations go directly toward programming costs.

Commitments to The Voices for Children Circle are as follows:

Full Circle (18 months)-$1,500

Half Circle (9 months)-$750

Quarter Circle (1.5 months)-$125

Eighth Circle (1.5 weeks)-$35

2014FY Voices for Children Members

Full Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Steinberg

Half Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McDonnell

Quarter Circle

Dr. Brett Foxman

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Burns

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hitchings

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cummiskey

Ms. Priya  Wagle and Mr. Claude Orquiza

Dr. and Mrs. William Hooper

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sabo

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Borak

Ms. Beth Levy

Dr. Mark Raab

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Greenman

Dr. David Rayfield

Dr. Graziano

Ms. Grace McGowan

Ms. Helen Morrison

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Herlands

Eighth Circle

Mr. Jim Brennenstuhl

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Falk

Ms. Nancy Newgas

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mitnick

Mr.  Dave Beyel

Ms. Janice  Grous

Mr. Bill Dornan

Ms. Jane Nahas

Ms. Kathleen Arleth

Mr. and Mrs. James Gillespie

Mr. Art Lowen

Mr. and Mrs. Conall Gallagher

Ms. Anne Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Mevoli

Mr. Kevin Greene

Ms. Bonnie Zatyko

Ms. Patricia Silvestri

Ms. Robin Birth

Mr. and Mrs. William Crockford

Ms. Jackie Sarner

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Piston

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Pfeffer

Ms. Emily Frederick

Mr. Greg Petrosh

Ms. Sondra Thompson

Ms. Ruth Bandoroff

For more information on The Voices for Children Circle please contact Karen DeRosa at or call (609) 601-7800.