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The Voices for Children Circle

Each year, CASA conducts an annual appeal, requesting specific donations to sponsor a child for a specific period of time during the year.


Currently, it costs CASA $1,500 to provide services for one child for approximately 18 months. That includes the cost of training volunteers, staff, reporting and all administrative expenses. For as little as $31, you can assure that a foster child receives a CASA Volunteer for part of the year. Rest assured, at CASA 91% of all donations go directly toward programming costs.

Commitments to The Voices for Children Circle are as follows:

Full Circle (18 months)-$1,500

Half Circle (9 months)-$750

Quarter Circle (1.5 months)-$125

Eighth Circle (1.5 weeks)-$31


FY2013 Members of the Voices for Children Circle as of February 28, 2013 are:


Full Circle Members

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kramer
Dr. and Mrs. John Baker
Ms. Deborah Nowe

Dr. Karen Callaghan

Mr. and Mrs. James Waters


Half Circle Members

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paarz


Quarter Circle Members

Ms. Grace McGowan
Mr. Bill Dornan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Herlands
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hitchings
Mr. Rudy Meyers
Ms. Susan Baker
Ms. Beth Levy
Ms. Maura McMahon Primus
Mr. and Mrs. John Moller
Ms. Jane Nahas
Mrs. Barbara Groff
Mrs. Peggy Caccia
Ms. Kay Fitzgerald
Mrs. Jennifer Dahl
Dr. and Mrs. William Hooper

Dr. Brett Foxman
Mrs. Adelaide Beacham
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Dirkes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cummiskey
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Potler
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Borak
National Christian Foundation


Eighth Circle Members

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Piston
Ms. Jean Marie McAllister
Mr. and Mrs. John Pedrick
Ms. Susan Brastow
Ms. Jennifer Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Marakos
Mr. Art Lowen




For more information on The Voices for Children Circle please contact Karen DeRosa at or call (609) 601-7800.