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The I am for the Child Legacy Society

The following individuals are members of the I am For the Child Legacy Society. Each has pledged $1,000 or $500 per year for five consecutive years, exemplifying their commitment to the children in our community and the sustainability of the CASA mission.

$1,000 per year commitment for 5 consecutive years

Mary Dorothy and Franz Adler

Isabel and James Allen
Anne and John Baker
Harold (Bud) and Sue Dailey
Anne and Fran Glenning
Diana Gurwicz
The Hieb Family
Ron Johnson
Phyllis Lacca
Deborah Nowe
Phil Risko
Cookie Till    
Lauren Uher and Daryl Shall
Donna Young
$500 a year commitment for 5 consecutive years
Teri Conklin
D'Ann and Ted Glenn
Tom Kirner
Rosalind Krause
Tracy Matta
Sean and Teresa McGuigan
Nicole Storz